4 Bedroom Beach Villa

4th Jun 2015
Bedroom 2

4 bedrooms sleeps 8!

Three Double Bedrooms

For our and your comfort, all double beds have memory foam “toppers”.

We supply clean bed linen, blankets, 2 pillows per person, and 1 extra large bath towel

Each bedroom has at least one bedside lamp and table, a chest of drawers. Bedroom 1 is the largest, and has hanging space for clothes, whilst bedrooms 2 and 3 have wardrobes.

Each bedroom also has a ceiling light with integral fan, which can run at 3 speeds to adjust the amount of cooling you want.

Finally, each bedroom has a window which can be left open with the shutters closed, so you can keep out the fierce sun whilst letting a cool breeze through.

Please note that each bedroom has separate entrance from the corridor, so there is never a need at our villa to go through one bedroom to get to another (or to a toilet, or to the living area).

Bunk Bedroom

The bunk bedroom has a large bunk, suitable for children and teenagers. The bunk beds also have memory foam topper mattresses, which can be removed for a younger child who could then sleep just in front of the bed.

The bunk bedroom also has a single wardrobe, small dresser, and a baby cot (which can be put up in the bunk bedroom or one of the other bedrooms or the living area).

The bunk bedroom fan is off to the side and enclosed, so that children can't accidentally bump into it.

4 bedrooms are great for multi or large families

If you have a large family or want to visit sunny Armona Island with another family, our 4 bedroom beach villa is perfect for you. There is plenty of living space both inside and outside, so you can focus on enjoying Algarve beach life!

Enjoy your stay!

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