Armona Island Waterfront and Beach

31st Jul 2015
Photo of Armona Island Waterfront Beach

The Armona Island Waterfront and Beach


The Armona Island Waterfront Beach

The beach is a great place to sizzle in the Algarve sun, and if things get too hot you can always cool off with a swim in the Rio Formossa (the inland Algarve waterway). Armona Island actually has some 9 kilometres of beach, but the first beach you come to on the island is almost always lively. The left hand side of the ferry pier has a safe swim area, roped off from the boats. Local children love to dive off the ferry pier into the water, but if you copy them it is strictly at your own risk!

Armona Island Waterfront Restaurants and Bars

The right side of the beach has 2 restaurants and a snack bar. Armona 4 has a Portuguese chef, and also boasts a rooftop terrace with views across to the mainland and around the island. In addition to Portuguese cuisine, they do pizzas (so you can have your high quality fish specialities and the children are also kept happy). Tolinas bar and restaurant is right at the waterfront, and in between is a bar that also serves snack food.

There are two restaurants on the left side of the beach, Carlos and Alfonso (note, the name of the latter is changing). The former serves authentic Portuguese cuisine and is right at the ferry pier, whilst the latter is just down the beach a bit and is open late and often has a DJ or live music.

All of the above serve local Portuguese beer, most serve Portuguese wine and both local and international brands of spirits.


Peres store is on the left as you leave the ferry terminal and stocks a complete supply of most things you might want, with the exclusion of fresh meat, fish and vegetables. For these, it is best to shop at the markets on the mainland. Note that just before our beach villa inland is the Convivio store, which stocks fresh vegetables and usually has fresh or at least frozen meat and fish.


When you return to the mainland, the ferry runs from here along the Rio Formossa, the tidal inland waterway that gave birth to the Rio Formossa National Park, which includes most of Armona Island. Return trips via ferry are just under 4 euros (buy 2 tickets, one for each way).

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