Beach Garden

4th Jun 2015
Beach Garden

Your Own Sun-Filled Beach Garden


Life’s a beach!

The beach garden is perfect for young children, which also helps your relaxation while on holiday!

Our secluded and secure beach garden is a great place to let young children play. A flowering hedge border lines the pathway past the villa, and gate stops the children from wandering away. Inside is a private sandy beach garden, with lots of toys and a tree to provide shade from the midday sun. Children love the beach garden because, well, it’s all sand! The real beach is just a dozen metres away, but the garden is great for play without having to watch them every second.

Perfect beach garden for serious sunbathers, even in the winter.

The villa comes with 6 sunbeds (all have mats, and you can lay flat or recline), and two massive beanbags, which you are free to move around the property. Even in the winter, when air temperatures can be lower, the beach garden catches the sun but keeps any cool breezes away. In the summer, if the beach garden is too warm you can move under the shade or just head to the nearest beach, which is a dozen metres away.

The garden shed houses the inflatable 2 person kayak, children's toys, sunbeds, and everything you need to make your holiday a memorable and relaxing stay.

Beach garden dining area

Between the house and the beach garden is a paved area with tables and chairs directly facing the mid-day sun. This area is ideal out of peak season for eating local Portuguese snacks, drinking the lovely Portuguese wine, and you can still keep an eye on any children playing in the beach garden.

In July and August the sun can be too strong outside here (use the Enclosed Patio instead!), but out of season this area really captures the sun and makes a warm and welcome place to enjoy a warm welcoming lunch.

Enjoy your stay!

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