Getting to Armona Island

31st Jul 2015

How to get to Armona Island


At Faro Airport

Faro Airport is a major international airport, and has direct flights to most European cities. If you can’t get a direct flight, get a connecting flight at Lisbon or London.

The taxis are waiting outside the airport – get into the front taxi and say “Armona Island” or if you want to make the request in Portuguese, say “Barcoo Para Armona”. A taxi ride is about 20 to 25 euros to the Ferry Terminal in Olhao.

Ferry to Armona

At the Olhao ferry terminal, buy a ticket at the little kiosk on the left as you walk towards the ferry pier. If the kiosk is shut then check the ferry timetable, and if the ferry is due to leave in half an hour or less, get on the ferry and buy your ticket on the boat. The ferry boat trip takes about 20 minutes, so make sure you are protected from the sun. Depending on the ferry boat, try to get on top or near a window as ferry takes you through the Rio Formossa National Park, great for bird spotting and to see the local fishermen. The ferry costs just under 2 euros per person, per direction (one trip)

Water Taxi to Armona

At the Olhao ferry terminal, if you miss the ferry, or arrive late, or just want to have a fun fast ride to Armona, take a water taxi! The cost is fixed at 20 euros (for up to 4 people, including luggage), and the water taxis are located on the last boat walk just before the ferry platform. The water taxi is a fun way to get to the island quickly.

Drive to Armona

DO NOT HIRE A CAR FOR ARMONA – THERE ARE NO CARS, NO ROADS! Having said that, we get many visitors from Portugal and Spain. The A22 highway runs a few miles inland along the southern Algarve coast, and it connects you to the E1 up towards Lisbon and across the border to Seville in Spain. Car parking is available near the ferry terminal and near the Olhao police station.

Train and Bus to Armona

From Lisbon, get a train to Faro and get a connecting train to Olhao. The train station at Olhao is about a kilometre from the ferry terminal, so you might want to get a taxi for the last bit, especially if you arrive mid-day. From Seville you can get a bus via Eva Bus

Meet and Greet!

If you are staying in our beach villa, our representative will meet you either at the Olhao ferry terminal or at the Armona ferry terminal. You will get your full details 2 weeks before arrival.

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