Outside Living Area

4th Jun 2015
Patio at dusk

Enjoy outside living, just like the Portuguese

Dual aspect enclosed patio – sunny side up!

Whether you are eating a meal, enjoying a few drinks, or just relaxing in the sun; the Portuguese enjoy outside living. Our large tiled patio is enclosed and surrounded by local and exotic plants.

The patio catches the early morning sun, so early risers can enjoy a cup of tea or espresso. Those who sleep in need not worry – the sun stays on the patio until close to sunset, making it a great place to sunbathe or dine out.

We provide two tables and plenty of chairs, so those who love sunshine and those who avoid it can still sit down to a meal, or just relax, each perfectly comfortable.

The roofed area of the patio

The noon sun can be quite strong, so if you want a break from the beach at lunch time, then the shaded area of the patio is perfect place to relax. In addition to the tables and chairs, there is a two seated rocking chair, a bench seat, and of course plenty of sunbeds so you can snooze outside whilst under cover.

Outdoor Barbecue and Kitchen

Portuguese families live outside, and that means cooking food on the barbecue and not having to go inside for anything except cold drinks. The built in barbecue has plenty of workspace around it, and there is a kitchen sink and washing tub and even a solar powered shower (fully enclosed), so you really can live inside - out!

Remember that the tiled patio, although large for Armona, is only one side of the house:- the other being the very different but equally lovely Beach Garden

Please note: although we have a lot of space outside, you should check out the Portuguese-style but modern inside living area

Enjoy your stay!

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