The Armona Island Atlantic Beach

31st Jul 2015
Armona Island Atlantic Beach

The Atlantic Beach on Armona Island


The Beach

There are some six kilometres of beach, and Armona offers perhaps the most pristine beach on the Algarve! The beach nearest the boardwalk naturally tends to collect the most people, but with this much space the beach is never crowded even in the height of summer. This section of beach has lifeguards, and if you get thirsty you can nip over to the Atlantic bar.

If you stroll left (eastwards), you can go all the way to the Fuseta end of the island. Note – this should only be attempted by physically fit people and not during midday, when the sun is too strong. However, you can go just a few hundred metres along this route to claim “your own bit of Armona” and find a quiet area to contemplate nature and the sea.

The Atlantic Beach Bar

The new couple who took over the bar last year have extended it, moved it much closer to the sea, and serve some really good cocktails as well as more ordinary beers, wines and soft drinks. They also have a number of sunbeds with canopies for rent, which make a lot sense as the midday sun in summer is very hot. In the height of summer they hold volleyball and other sporting events, as well as staying open late at night for people to experience music under the Armona Island stars.

Restaurant Santo António

No visit to Armona is complete without dining at Restaurant Santo António, which is just on the Armona Island side of the Atlantic Beach boardwalk. In addition to European and Portuguese cuisine, you can pre-order and buy a “take away roast chicken” back to our villa rather than cook yourself.

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